Classical Hatha Yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension, taught as a live process

“Classical Hatha Yoga is a complete path by itself. If you give yourself totally to this process, you can make yourself the way you want.”

– Sadhguru

What is Hatha Yoga


Classical Hatha Yoga programs structured by Sadhguru Gurukulam are an opportunity to learn the science of Hatha Yoga in its full depth and vibrancy. The programs conducted by highly trained teachers and are not taught merely for physical fitness and strenght.

They are a holistic process of naturally achieving mastery over the body and mind, so as to come to a state of health, joy and bliss.

The programs are an extensive exploration of Hatha Yoga and revive various dimensions of this ancient science that are largely absent in the world today.

Hatha Yoga is currently taught in 5 different modules:

Upa Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas and Bhuta Shuddhi.

These practices have been selected and structured by Sadhguru to develop mental clarity and focus, boost vigor and vitality, balance body chemistry and take years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom.

Sadhguru chose yoga as the vehicle to transmit his inner experience. 

He has unveiled the full depth and dimension of yoga through simple, powerful tools and methods that people can easily integrate into their everyday lives.

People have effortlessly come out of chronic diseases, established a deep sense of peace and joy, and even risen to the heights of ecstasy.

Why Classical Hatha Yoga by Sadhguru


The programs offer a comprehensive set of Yogasanas which require no special physical agility or previous experience of yoga.

It is a very subtle process of changing the energy in the system, which in turn streightens out physical and mental imbalances.

Regular practice of Hatha Yoga not only improves health and wellbeing, but also significantly enhances the experience of kriyas and meditation.

At Isha, Hatha Yoga is imparted not as a physical exercise, but in its full depth and dimensions, enabling a person in the most fundamental way, to flower into his ultimate potential.

What is the difference between Classical Hatha Yoga by Sadhguru Gurukulam and other forms of Yoga?

In the yogic tradition, the word “yoga” is attached only to a complete path which leads to self-realization. 

Isha Yoga is a comprehensive system that integrates the core of yogic science and presents it for the modern human being. Isha Yoga programs allow individuals to take tangible steps towards their inner growth. Designed by Sadhguru, a Yogi, mystic and a humanitarian, these programs are a rare opportunity for self-discovery under the guidance of a realized master.

Tailored to suit individuals from every social and cultural background, Isha Yoga programs provide powerful tools for inner exploration.


“You can go through life untouched, you can play with life whichever way you want, and still life cannot leave a scratch upon you.  

That is the miracle that Isha Yoga can manifest in everyone’s life.” 

– Sadhguru

Discover the programs


Asanas are not about fitness, flexibility, or building muscle. If you know how to hold your body, you can experience the whole cosmos within yourself. This is yoga


Surya Kriya is a powerful process. You can do it just to cure your backache, or you can use it to transform yourself absolutely. It has that potential


Upa-yoga is start-up yoga. It is best for casual practitioners seeking higher levels of physical and psychological wellbeing


A unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential


Angamardana is a possibility to completely merge the body and the mind. Your body itself thinks, and more clearly than the mind


If the five elements are in your control, the whole life process – birth, living, and dying – is 100% in your control

About the Teacher

We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are


Classical Hatha Yoga practices designed by Sadhguru


a yogi, a mystic, trained under his guidance

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“This is not about being super human.

It’s about realizing being human is super.”