“Surya” means “Sun,”and “Shakti” means “energy”.

Surya Shakti is a dynamic form of the Sun Salutation which is an ancient yogic practice with a powerful sequence of 18 postures.” – Sadhguru

Surya Shakti builds the physical body – it makes the sinews and ligaments of your body strong.

In Yoga, we give importance to the sinews that hold the skeletal system and the whole body together.

When we do any yogic practice, which is physical in nature, the focus is mainly to strengthen those, not to pump up your muscles.

Strengthening the sinews of the body is what will endure for a long time and keep you well. Surya Shakti does this in a tremendous way.


 Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing

 Makes the sinews and ligaments of the body strong

 Increases mental alertness and focus

 Creates a basis for one to move into higher states of energy

 Increases physical strenght & stamina

 Realigns the musculo-skeletal system

 Increases energy levels

Detailed Health Benefits
sun_img Endocrine system
– Increases the blood flow and stimulates the nerves of the pituitary gland
– The neck is stretched and contracted. This stimulates and increases the blood flow to the thyroid and balances its secretion
– Compresses and stretching of the pancreas. Helps with better glucose regulation of the body
– Tones the organs and regulates the secretions of the reproductive system
sun_img Digestive system
– Massaging and toning of the entire digestive system resulting in better appetite, proper digestion, assimilation and elimination of waste
sun_img Musculoskeletal system
– 95% to 97% of your muscles are switched on to active mode causing strengthening of the muscles
– Flexibility of the body happens
– Stretching of muscles take place with strengthening of the joints and ligaments
– Improves posture and balance
sun_img Cardiovascular system
– Improves functioning of the heart causing better circulation resulting in better blood supply to vital organs
– The cardiac muscles are strengthened and the blood vessels of the heart, the coronary arteries, are stimulated to multiply, improving circulation and reducing the chances of heart attack.
– It also helps with blood vessel diseases and general fatigue and causes an overall sense of wellbeing
sun_imgNervous system
– All the nerves are stretched, toned and stimulated
– Improved circulation to the spine also takes place
sun_imgMental health
– It increases concentration, memory, learning and focusing ability and vigilance
– Brings about a great emotional balance and reduces anxiety

sun_imgRespiratory system

There is complete expansion and contraction of all lobes of the lungs causing emptying of lungs and refilling

Capacity of the lungs increases over a period of time



























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